Domestic Residential Relocation(House Moving)

We provide free consultation whereby our consultant will visit your house for items list checking which will be required for quotation. Our InstaConsultant will also look out for hazards to prevent injuries on our InstaCrew and also our clients safety.

Our local house moving services include packing, wrapping, disassembly, assembly, unpacking and removal of debris at the new residence. As part of our dedication to the environment, reusable materials are used. We use fresh bubble wraps, recycled newsprint. recycled cartons and form-fitted strong-wrap, all of which provide excellent protection and greatly help to reduce waste.

Our InstaConsultant will also provide reminders and tips before and after the actual moving date to ensure a you and your furniture are moved safely and successfully.

Commercial Business Relocation

When you are moving your business, it is important to consider the hidden costs of post-move downtime and transitioning into a new office space. Our moving specialists will work with you to understand your needs, schedule and budget and devise a move plan that minimise your moving costs and moving interlude. We offer a variety of specialised relocation services as well to ensure the safe transport of your sensitive equipment.
We can provide corporate relocation services as part of an office move or as a standalone service. Your personal moving consultant will be your single point-of-contact throughout the moving process to ensure that every step of the move is performed according to your specifications. Every move is complete and comprehensive when you work with our team of exceptional movers, packers and drivers.

In additional, we also provide reinstatement of your old office if you require them to be back to its original condition. We are equipped with the right skills sets and certifications to do the right job for you. Making sure you have your peaceful and successful relocation.

Short & Long Storage Solution

Whether you are renovating your house or just need to store your excess items, Our clean, flexible and readily available heated storage space is ready to serve you. Your items are always in good hands in our storage facility. Our friendly staff is bonded and highly trained to handle all items with considerable proficiency and care.

We store your possessions in safe and well-wrapped to prevent light or dust-related damage. We’ve invested in leading edge electronic security systems and other technology to safeguard your items around-the-clock. They include high-tech sprinklers and temperature controls, significantly reducing the risk of accidents or ruin. Plus, if you need it, we can provide you with valuation protection coverage for all of your items for added peace of mind.

Exhibition and Event Transport

Our experienced consultant will help to survey the event space & assist in the preparation for a fair quotation.

We exercise flexibility and we work professionally to ensure that all items and equipment are well protected and taken care of in our hand. That means to say, we do not practice hidden charges or any unreasonable additional charges.

Besides providing Logistics & Transportation services, INSTAMOVE also assists our customer with the setting up of event space to ensure that the events run smoothly and punctually.

We understand that cost is an important factor in any industry. Trust us to help you with economy of scale. Why hiring more event crews when you have INSTAMOVE crews to set up the event space for you.

Contractor for Government Statutory Boards & MNCs

We had done projects with the Government Statutory and some MNCs companies. If such big organisation can trust us, you don’t have to worry about us anymore